Rules of the Lawn

Sust is not like other lawn care companies. Our goal is to not just to cut your grass, but to make your lawn healthy and good for the planet while still looking great. Here are some key points we emphasize.

Our Rules When Caring for Your Lawn

Mowing is dictated by your lawn & locale, not a calendar

We mow according to the weather, specific grass conditions, and the needs of lawns in your neighborhood – not according to the calendar. We will keep your lawn looking great and your grass and soil healthy.

When it comes to lawns, size does matter

We mow your grass so that it is 3.5-4 inches tall. This height prevents germination of many weed seeds and fosters a large root system, increasing water/nutrients uptake and maximizing your lawn's impact.

Clippings are a secret weapon

We leave lawn clippings after we mow, allowing these clippings to naturally fertilize your lawn, making it healthier and stronger.

A soaked lawn shouldn't be mowed

We avoid mowing after heavy rains as this makes mowing more difficult and causes clippings to bunch. Plus, it tends to tear up your grass and cause water to pool, leaving your lawn worse off.

Change (in direction) is a good thing

We change mowing directions every couple of mowings because doing so encourages a more natural appearance (rather than having lawn lay in one direction).

A clean lawn = a better cut

We take the time to clean sticks and debris out of your lawn before mowing to ensure your cut is as smooth as possible. This also prevents damage to the mower and safety issues.

We're a new kind of lawn care company

The list above is just a sample of how we are thinking different about your lawn. Contact us today to learn more about how we can build a better planet together.


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