We're a different kind of lawn care company


Quieter, All-Electric Equipment & Climate-Friendly Materials

We use renewable-powered, electrified equipment and organic materials to ensure your lawn looks great and is safe for your family and pets.

Customer-First to Make Caring For Your Lawn is Simple

Managing your lawn should not be a burden. We use technology and a human-first approach to make you enjoy your outdoor space.


Helping You Be Sustainable, Without the Headache

We strive to make it easy to level up your climate impact by searching for and sharing new products for your home and backyard.

Traditional lawn care is a problem


The gallons of gasoline used each year to maintain US lawns. This doesn't include the more than 17 million gallons spilled every year.

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The amount of emissions released from engines used in lawn care versus a car. Mowing for one hour = traveling 500 miles in a car.

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The percentage of nitrogen from chemical fertilizers that ends up as run off, polluting groundwater and depleting biodiversity.


The pounds of chemical pesticides used each year on lawns, destroying ecosystems and poisoning wildlife.

Together, we can make a change.

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