Making Sustainable Choices

Our sustainable choices series will give insight into planet positive choices you can make that will turn your lawn into a climate asset. 

Using Electric Equipment to Maintain Your Lawn

We’ve all seen and heard it – the loud startup of an engine, followed by a cloud of smoke and the smell of gasoline, all used to trim your grass or keep your sidewalks clean.

Traditionally, lawn care is not the most environmentally friendly or convenient service, even though lawns make up 2% of all land in America. 

However, that no longer has to be true. The first big step in making our backyards better for the planet is to follow the same path as cars, heaters, and more: going fully electric.

Making Sustainable Choices

Electric lawn services are quickly becoming the rule, not the exception.

In this article, we explore why electric lawn care is one of the best ways to improve your lawn. 

Why Electric? 

1. Environmentally friendly

The most obvious answer is also the most impactful. Simply put, traditional gas engines are terrible for the planet.

In fact, mowing your lawn with  gas-powered equipment for an hour is the equivalent of traveling almost 500 miles in a car.

Not only do they spew carbon emissions, but also tons of other pollutants.

Gas Powered Mowers

Electric equipment eliminates these emissions while also eliminating the more than 800 million gallons of gasoline needed to power lawn equipment such as mowers, trimmers, and edgers every year. 

2. Quieter service

Electric lawn care produces much less noise than gas-powered equipment, making it the better choice for your health and the community.

An electric mower can reduce noise pollution by more than 50% from the ear splitting 95 decibels of gas-powered equipment.

This allows your property to stay pristine, without the headache. 

Electric Lawn Care

3. A Healthier alternative

We may not think about health when it comes to electric equipment, but it can actually make a substantial difference for both you and the workers of your lawn services company.

The lack of pollutants keeps the air around your property cleaner, and prevents your children and pets from breathing in harmful gas fumes.

Plus, the lighter weight, safer equipment keeps the crews that work on your lawn away from danger and healthier in the long-term. 

4. Cost-effective

Not only does electric lawn care make sense for the planet, but it can also make sense for your pocketbook.

With advances in technology, electric lawn care is quickly becoming more affordable, often costing less or the same as gas-powered care in many cases. 

Making Sustainable Choices


Electrification is the starting point when looking to turn your lawn fully sustainable. It’s a way to ensure that caring for your lawn is not a negative for the planet. 

Your lawn – and the environment – will thank you!

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