Choose Sust(ainability)! Maintaining Your Lawn with Electric Equipment

April 5, 2023 – Lynda DeWitt

Our Choose Sust series will help you make planet positive choices that will turn your yard into a climate asset.

We’ve all seen and heard it — the loud startup of an engine, followed by a cloud of smoke and the smell of gasoline, all for the purpose of trimming our grass and tidying our sidewalks. Lawns make up 2% of all land in America (which is more land that is used to grow corn!) and caring for lawns in this traditional and widespread

way, is damaging — and unsustainable.

mower and gas can
Gas mowers spew carbon emissions and tons of other pollutants that harm our lungs and create smog.
Electric mowers, charged with renewables, emit no carbon and no smog-producing particulates.

Electric is Cleaner

The most obvious answer is also the most impactful. Mowing your lawn with gas-powered equipment for an hour is the equivalent of traveling almost 500 miles in a gas-fueled car. Such equipment spews carbon emissions and tons of other pollutants that harm our lungs and create smog. Electric equipment eliminates these emissions along with the more than 800 million gallons of gasoline needed each year to power lawn equipment, such as mowers, trimmers, and edgers. Of course, you still spew carbon, particulate matter, and other pollutants if the batteries that run your electric equipment are charged with natural gas or coal. Not in your yard, but in the place where these fossil fuels are burned. Sust uses a matrix of renewable solutions, primarily solar and offsets. Our use of renewables is mission-critical and evolving. More on that in a later post.

Electric is Quieter

An electric mower reduces noise by more than 50% from the ear-splitting 85-95 decibels produced by gas-powered equipment. Caring for your lawn and garden shouldn’t be harmful to workers, homeowners, or neighbors.

Electric is NOT Costlier

Not only does electric lawn care make sense for people and the planet, but it also makes sense for your pocketbook. With advances in technology, electric lawn care is quickly becoming more affordable, often costing less or the same as gas-powered care.

Sust’s all-electric truck carries all-electric equipment — and an all-human crew!

The traditional and widespread way of caring for our lawns is not sustainable. Turning your yard into a climate asset begins with electrification. Start here with S(us)T! Together, we’ll help create the balance needed for people to safely co-exist on our planet for the long haul.


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